Medicaid Health Plans of America 

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Our Mission

Our association, Medicaid Health Plans of America (MHPA), is the leading national trade organization focused solely on the universe of Medicaid health plans. MHPA works on behalf of 90+ commercial and nonprofit plans that serve more than 36 million Medicaid enrollees in 37 states. MHPA provides advocacy and research that support policy solutions to enhance the delivery of quality care for Medicaid enrollees through improved access and cost-effective services.

About Us
Founded in 1995, the Medicaid Health Plans of America (MHPA) represents the interests of the Medicaid managed care industry through advocacy and research to support innovative policy solutions that enhance the delivery of comprehensive, cost-effective, and quality health care for Medicaid enrollees.

MHPA works on behalf of its 94 member health plans, known as managed care organizations (MCOs), that serve approximately 23 million Medicaid enrollees in 37 states and the District of Columbia, or about one-third of all Medicaid beneficiaries in states with managed care delivery systems. MHPA’s members include both for-profit and non-profit, national and regional, as well as single-state health plans that compete in the Medicaid market.

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A Look at The Numbers
The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically upended our health system and economy. It has also underscored the critical role that Medicaid managed care plays in delivering high-quality care to some of our most vulnerable populations. 

MHPA's newly-launched educational campaign — A Look At The Numbers — highlights how managed care organizations are responding to COVID-19 and the many ways that managed care organizations help states and our national health system better deliver on the triple aim.

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